Elite Training

Our highest level of training for our high performance athletes, junior or collegiate players, and high level youth.  Our Train to Win program provides the athlete with fully integrated training and sport medicine team, customized programming, high performance coaching, and access to the best facility Edmonton has to offer. 

Training Fee $450 per month


  • Entry point and follow up testing in the ATHX Lab to track progess, including sport specific performance testing

  • Expert, periodized programming tailored to your goals with an emphasis on mechanics, strength, speed, aerobic and power development. Elite programming is overseen by our Sport Performance Director to ensure sport specific development 

  • Recovery and injury prevention support as needed with our Sport Medicine team

  • Access to the ATHX online coaching platform to track your progress

  • Semi-private elite training sessions and access to the ATHX open gym

  • Training times are flexible for your schedule and are booked with ease via our mobile app

  • Access to the ATHX Post-workout recovery area including Normatec compression boots and Game ready icing

***Book a complimentary Ax lab test to get started***