We are here for you for those requiring emergency care

What is emergency care?

  • In the absence of Chiropractic services, are you likely to seek health-care services in an urgent care or emergency department?

  • In the absence of Chiropractic services, is your condition likely to deteriorate requiring more invasive management by another health- care professional in the near future?

  • Is the current condition the result of an acute injury, such as a motor vehicle accident?

  • Are you unable to work due to your condition, whether that injury is WCB compensable or not?

  • Is your injury such that you would not be able to carry out your work as essential service provider? (Nurse, Physician, Paramedic, Policer officer ect.)

  • Are you seeking services related to a recent surgery or removal of a cast/other immobilizer

Those who are not urgent care or have concerns about attending we invite you to our ATHX Virtual portal to be serviced.

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