Final Surge .png

We are excited to introduce our partnership with final surge coaching app. Our newest tool to help you continue performing at your best. Gain easy access to your tailored training plans and use the powerful analytics to set and reach goals together. 

Program Highlights

  • Customized training program: The best way to achieve a goal is to have a specific, measurable and actionable plan. With your ATHX coach , you can plan every detail of your training.

  • Training with Guidance: Every training session planned is synced onto the final surge app. It will give you guidance on what to perform and you can give live feedback on how the workout went

  • Video Library Access:​​ Gain access to ATHX video library. Videos will outline exercises that have been prescribed, giving guidance even when you are away from the performance centre. 

  • Extensive Analysis: Both athlete and coach will have access to the online training diary and workout stats to give feedback and analyze progress. App connects with other fitness applications such as: Garmin, Strava, Polar, Under Armour Connect and more.