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ATHX Team programs are customized programs that are built to help teams perform at the next level. We focus on recovery and athletic skill development, Endurance and core conditioning, strength development and increasing power, speed and agility. We work with every sport discipline. 

Each team will be put through our Athlete testing, we use this data to build a custom program and track the progress of both the individual athlete and the team. 

Custom program packages from $1000.00 

**Payment plans available**


ATHX works with several Elite athletes in multiple sports such as NHL, CFL, Beach volleyball, Lacrosse, Boxing, Basketball, Track and field, Tennis, Swimming, figure skating  and many more. We design a custom program for each of our Elite athletes through our ATHX Lab data. We tailor programs for athletes while they are away competing as well as hands on in the facility when home in offseason. 

We have an athletic ambassador program for those athletes looking to take their career to the professional level.

Custom package pricing- Contact for more information.


While specialization is popular at a young age, there is huge benefits to learning multiple skills and being able to transfer movement patterns and physical competencies. At ATHX we offer customized programs for developing athletes to help them become the best athlete they can be. We believe and it has been backed by science that when an athlete learns how to move correctly that they are able to perform better in their chosen sport. 

Each athlete is put through the ATHX lab. From this data we are able to design a custom program focusing on areas that need improvment. 

Programs starting at- $950.00 


At ATHX we believe that everyone is an athlete. We design custom programs for health and wellness and for those looking to perform at their elite level. Programs are developed from our data we receive through our athlete test in the ATHX lab. The program will be provided through a combination of on-on-one coaching and mobile tools.  So athletes always have useful data, insights and expert coaching to help them achieve their next goal.

 Custom Programs starting- $950.00 

**Payment plans available**


AXP is ATHX’s signature group class, designed to help you reach your athletic potential. Each class includes different elements of athletic ability - strength, endurance, and power - all with a friendly dose of competition. With a cap of 12 athletes per class, trainers are able to focus on teaching proper movement mechanics, give verbal cues tailored to the individual, and track your progress over time.


Whether you are at the beginning of your athletic journey or a seasoned vet in the fitness world, AXP will challenge you to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of achieving.


3 Day Trial Pace- $30.00

30 Day unlimited- $170.00

10 class pass- $180.00

Drop in- $20.00

**Approx. 12 athletes per class**

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