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Phil Moreau

Phil Moreau

Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach


Phil is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
He also holds 8 other specialized fitness and sports coaching/instructor certifications.

In his younger days Phil was a multi sports athlete who played various sports to a higher level. Some of these sports included: hockey, badminton, volleyball, baseball, football, skiing, basketball, track and field
and so on.

With any spare time that Phil has, he is obsessed with the sport of boxing and the technical aspects of punching and footwork. He really enjoys punching the bag and sparring, and maybe looks forward to competing at the Masters level in the next few years.

Phil has now joined ATHX because he believes in ATHX's drive to improve an athlete's athletic performance. With his work Phil also mirrors ATHX's values of: Details, Innovation, Service and Energy.

He has and will continue to work with high performing athletes and with sports teams. Phil strives to educate himself every single day in order to continue to be innovative with exercise creation for athlete performance.



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