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ATHX Partners with U of A Vikings Men's Volleyball Team

We're proud to announce that ATHX has recently partnered with the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus - Vikings Men's Volleyball Team.

We are going to provide them with a fully structured and periodized off-season strength & conditioning program starting in May. We at ATHX and the coaching staff and athletes at Augustana are really excited about this partnership.

Our approach at ATHX is as rigorous as it is innovative, emphasizing the art of periodization. It's not just about pushing boundaries, but doing so strategically. We adapt the intensity and focus of the training to maximize growth and recovery, and ultimately, to empower the Vikings to dominate the court in the upcoming season.

The Vikings have consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. With ATHX's scientifically-backed training methods supporting them, we're set to push that excellence further. This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a pact to challenge the status quo, to redefine the limits of athletic achievement.

For for information, contact Coach Colin Nazarchuk.


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